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Water Based Ink

We love our country and support the USA by using only American made products. Our ink is good for our environment; it is water-based which makes printing that is the cleanest and ideal for silk screening because water-based inks are defined as those that utilize water as the main solvent, it also has the lowest impact on our environment. Silk screening with water based inks produce superior prints because it penetrates the fabric and will breathe with the garment, becoming part of the fibers and creating a soft feel.

100% Combed & Ring-spun Cotton Fabric

Most tees are made using carded open end cotton. The tees we use are made using only 100% combed and ring-spun cotton fabric which are finer and smoother with knit consistently. They are super soft and are wearable for everyday use yet feel luxurious and comfortable.


The organic cotton we use is grown in the United States of America a subtropical country, from non genetically modified plants, that is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles.  In the United States cotton plantations must also meet the requirements enforced by the National Organic Program (NOP), from the USDA, in order to be considered organic. This institution determines the allowed practices for pest control, growing, fertilizing, and handling of organic crops.


Cotton growers expect not only to offer a healthier and cleaner product, but benefit the planet. Some of the contributions to the different ecosystems include:

Protecting surface and groundwater quality (eliminating contaminants in surface runoff)

Reduced risk in insect and disease control by replacing insecticide with the manipulation of ecosystems.

Long-term prevention of pests through beneficial habitat planting.

Conservation of biodiversity.

Eliminate the use of toxic chemicals used in cotton.

Organically grown crops also yield soils with higher organic matter content, thicker topsoil depth, higher polysaccharide content, and lower modulus of rupture; therefore reducing considerably soil erosion.

Choosing an organic product, is essentially saving our earth.


Ring-Spun Cotton

100% ring-spun cotton


organic cotton field